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Intermediate 1

(3.0 - 3.5 Rating)

These classes build on basics through volume training and implementing skills in game situations. Improve your technical and tactical skills to develop your ability to control depth, direction and placement of your shots in games situations.

4 : 1 Student : Teacher ratio 

CodeProgramageDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
1468Pat Babcock/Martin Holy to Fall 2018Wed8:00-9:00pmSep. 19Dec. 12130 $220.00$280.00
1470Dave Rowat to Fall 2018No class Oct 8Mon8:30-9:30pmSep. 17Dec. 17130 $220.00$280.00
1471Robert Rotaru/Martin Holy to Fall 2018Tue9:00-10:00pmSep. 18Dec. 11130 $220.00$280.00
1473Robert Rotaru/Martin Holy to Fall 2018Tue7:00-8:00pmSep. 18Dec. 11130 $220.00$280.00
1474Pat Babcock/Martin Holy to Fall 2018Wed9:00-10:00pmSep. 19Dec. 12130 $220.00$280.00
1475Dave Rowat to Fall 2018Thur7:00-8:00pmSep. 20Dec. 13130 $220.00$280.00
1477Dave Rowat to Fall 2018No class Oct 8Mon5:30-6:30pmSep. 17Dec. 17130 $220.00$280.00
1479Robert Rotaru to Fall 2018Wed7:00-8:00pmSep. 19Dec. 12130 $220.00$280.00
1481Robert Rotaru to Fall 2018Wed8:00-9:00pmSep. 19Dec. 12130 $220.00$280.00
1483Dave Rowat to Fall 2018No class Oct 8Mon7:30-8:30pmSep. 17Dec. 17130 $220.00$280.00