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3/4 Court Tennis (7-9 years)

Developing an All-Court Game

The 3/4 Court stage, is the most important stage of this progressive development. This step helps ensure the development of an all-court game style with net-play. The key is to develop the same tactics as full court tennis along with the associated techniques.

No classes on Monday Oct 13

CodeNameAgeDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
1469Gary Winter7 to 9Spring 2018ProgressiveSat1:00-2:00pmMar. 24Jun. 16130$165.00$185.00
1478Gary Winter7 to 9Spring 2018ProgressiveThur6:00-6:45pmMar. 22Jun. 14130$125.00$140.00
1491Markus Lenizky7 to 9Spring 2018ProgressiveSat3:00pm-4:00pmMar. 24Jun. 16130$165.00$185.00
1496Gary Winter7 to 9Spring 2018Progressive Sat11:00am - 12:00pmMar. 24Jun. 16130$165.00$185.00