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Advanced Training (12 - 16 years)

Technical and tactical skills are developed to prepare kids for match play. This is a great class for high school team players as well as more advanced younger players who want two hours a week of competitive training.

CodeNameAgeDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
1589Martin Holy12 to 16Spring 20192 HoursSat4:00pm-6:00pmMar. 23Jun. 15130$318.00$438.00
1590Martin Holy12 to 16Spring 20191.5 Hours Previously PB2Wed5:30pm-7:00pmMar. 20Jun. 12130$245.00$270.00
1592Robert Rotaru12 to 16Spring 20191.5 Hours Previously PB1Wed5:30pm-7:00pmMar. 20Jun. 12130$245.00$270.00
1609Markus Lenizky12 to 16Spring 20192 HoursSat4:00 - 6:00pmMar. 23Jun. 15130$318.00$438.00
1617Ned Lazoja8 to 12Spring 2019Sun5pm - 7pmMar. 24Jun. 16130$468.00$598.00