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CodeProgramageDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
1010Personal Training to Per session purchasingFitness Programs1 $80.00Members Only
1011Personal Training to Package A- 8 personal training sessions (70.00/session)Fitness Programs1 $560.00Members Only
1012Personal Training to Package B- 12 personal training sessions (65.00/session)Fitness Programs1 $780.00Members Only
1014Bootcamps with Amanda to Works on endurance, strength, and hard work!Fitness ProgramsSun9:30am44 $120.00Members Only
1061Personal Training- Semi-private Sessions to Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions2 $45.00Members Only
1062Personal Training 30 min Sessions to Power, half hour personal training sessions81 $360.00Members Only
1172Sports Stretch and Roll to Stretch and Roll ClinicsIncrease range of motion, flexibility and reduce injury Pay as go. TBD. 25.00 per class, pay as go for 12 weeks12:30Sep. 12Oct. 3186 $25.00Members Only
1197Adult Boxing Clinic to This program runs in 8 week sessions but has a rolling registration, and feel free to join at anytime and we will prorate the price. You can have a discount if signing up for both clinicsMon,Wed7:00pmSep. 7810 $120.00Members Only